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Collagen Beauty Milk-Powder with Vitamin-C

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Definition of Premium Supplement

NutriCenta offers a broad spectrum of inner nutrients using a cutting-edge synergistic formula capable of unlocking your cells’ natural ability to protect and renew themselves naturally.

The Science of Pure Beauty

Timeless beauty is to be encouraged from within. Beauty is a reflection of health, so beauty nutrition begins at the cellular level. By supporting the body’s natural regenerative processes, the mind and body are rejuvenated, and a younger complexion can be retained.

World Most Complete SUPER FOOD

People are looking for a variety of healthy foods everywhere for this, and look forward to the emergence of a "miracle" that can quickly help the body balance nutrients, remove toxins and repair cells.people found Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae (A.F.A).


everything you need for your personal health

Good diet, adequate exercise and proper rest are the basic foundations of good health. Mastering these areas will help you to maintain balance and create fulfillment in all areas of your life, including school, work, family, and recreation.

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About MHD

New Zealand’s MHD (My Health Diary) series of health products are made by Alpha Laboratories (Alpha Labs), the largest healthcare product research and development manufacturer in the Southern Hemisphere.

Alpha Labs is located in Auckland, New Zealand. It is a global pharmaceutical and health food company, has cutting-edge R&D and production technology and its annual output ranks first in New Zealand.

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