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MHD Make You Look Great and Feel Even Greater.

how we started

MHD’s mission is to make you look great and feel even greater. Our belief serves as our founding principle that a great life starts with a solid foundation in health and wellness. Backed by 20 years of manufacturing experience, we have assembled a boutique range of New Zealand inspired nutricosmetic and health essentials that are like no other.

Specialising in natural supplements and health foods, MHD’s New Zealand-made range is developed using the latest scientific research and clinical studies and made with the highest standards at New Zealand GMP and RMP certified facilities. Each product provides unique benefits, including skin rejuvenation and nourishment, nutritional support and overall improvement in health and vitality.

It is important that our ingredients originate from the best and most pristine sources. From the crystal-clear waters of the Southern Ocean to tropical rainforests, our team scours New Zealand and beyond for pure, high quality, natural ingredients that support the body’s regenerative processes.

our aim

20年来,我们寻遍新西兰以及世界各地每一寸土地及每一片海域,撷取岛屿湾天然草场红鹿胎盘精华、纯净深海鱼鳞小分子胶原蛋白肽、提炼经南半球日照洗礼的天然雨生红球藻虾青素、采摘农场果园独有的奇异果与莓果等超能天然配方,悉心打造专属于女性的口服营养美肌产品,因为我们坚信,天然的最有力量。 ​ MHD® 对营养美肌产品的热情多年来一脉相承,我们的使命是呵护每位女性的美丽和健康。不管你身在何方,面对怎样的肌肤及营养健康问题,我们都能够第一时间出现。对抗糖化氧化、平衡微循环及荷尔蒙分泌、满足特定营养需求、寻找冻龄解决方案已经成为MHD® 不懈的追求。

天然配方,超能表现。MHD® 沿袭了传统手工艺的生产原则,在严格甄选配方方面凸显出极为严谨的科学态度,我们关心您的美丽与健康,希望能用最佳的产品来让您变得自信闪耀。MHD® 不断将最新科研成果及临床试验融入产品研发,利用独特的高强浓缩技术,将自然界中的超能配方添加进口感馥郁的产品中,让您味蕾带来愉悦享受的同时,赋予其高于同类产品的惊人效果。

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