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MHD Collagen Milk has been built by MHD team by synergistic of natural vitamin C and natural New Zealand low fat skim milk which could assist us to reduce the radical damage on our skin. It could helps us to rebuild skin tissue, firm skin and whitening skin. In the meanwhile, MHD Collagen Milk could helps woman to accelerate the collagen peptide grow well in out body system.


Manufacturer by: Alpha Laboratories (NZ) LTD Southern Hemisphere’s Largest Health Product Manufacturer   


Dosage Form: Milk Powder

- 400g net weight (1 Tin)

- 2500mg Collagen Peptide

- Less than 1g Fat per serving

- Vanilla Flavour

Enriched with nutrition, Rejuvenate your vitality and confidence

Low Molecular Weight Collagen Tripeptide

• Ideal for Human’s Absorption with Low Molecular Weight Peptide (<2000Da).

• High Strength 2500mg per serving

• Produced by Controlled Enzymatic Hydrolysis

• Natural and Preservation free

New Zealand Low Fat Skim Milk

• Pasteurized Fresh Milk from Grass Fed, Hormone Free Cows
• Rich Source of Omega-3,Vitamin E and Beta Carotene
• High Calcium Levels 275mg per serving (RDI 28%)
• Good Milk Protein Levels 9.64g per serving


The Revolution of Vitamin C | Collagen peptide.


Based on the research data given by Doctor Andre Rougier and his team, show that taking supplement collagen peptide without vitamin C cause the synthesis of collagen peptide hindered; Vitamin C could increase the synthesis of collagen peptide and grow while it able to produce more cross link between the monocyclic of collagen peptide and vitamin C. In the meanwhile, vitamin C could rearrange and increase the quality of collagen peptide in order to avoid wrinkle skin.

General Disclaimer: Supplementation should not replace a well-balanced diet. MHD® is not engaged in rendering medical advice or professional services. Any content provided is for personal education and enrichment purposes only and should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease. Nor should the information replace the advice of health care practitioner. Always seek the advice of your health care practitioner or other qualified health provider if symptoms persist.

our advantages

mHD collagen milk
Key Benefits

• Support beauty from within by elasticity improvement and wrinkle reduction.

• Supports collagen formation in our skin

• Protects cells from free radical damage

• Rich source of calcium needed for healthy bones, teeth and skin

Quality Product

Manufacturer by: Alpha Laboratories (NZ) LTD Southern Hemisphere’s Largest Health Product Manufacturer,  It is a global pharmaceutical and health food company, has cutting-edge R&D and production technology and its annual output ranks first in New Zealand.    

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what our Customer says

My face looks young again and my confidence is back.

- Racheal Chong

I’m happy about the result after tried for 1 month, I drink it in the evening to nourish my hair.

- Kent Wong